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You benefit from highly effective digital strategies. Delivered to you by a professional developer team with a proven track record to boost your company's search engine rankings.

You can rely on SEOptix to deliver highly effective digital services that empower your business with all the major tools needed to succeed.

Successful business relationships are based on mutual trust as well as a high degree of process transparency. SEOptix main target is to deliver outstanding results while maintaining a high level integrity with our employees, customers & business partners. Your company's web presence & digital marketing achievements are vital for building a sustainable customer base and expanding your brand awareness. We can make that happen!

Professional web design has to integrate SEO into every aspect of the building & development process. On-site SEO starts with an memorable & well-chosen domain name and leads on to important technical aspects of your web site. Clean coding, valid HTML & CSS coding as well as a focus on fast page load times are some of the many things enables us to deliver a robust SEO framework to help you promote your business successfully in the digital age.


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Empower companies worldwide with search engine optimized web design that help boost Google rankings to create a rich flow of incoming leads & sustainable business opportunities.

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You have found the right partner to help your venture achieve outstanding search engine rankings by using state-of-the-art responsive & mobile-friendly web design that is optimized for both page speed, Google bot and your most valuable corporate asset — your customers & clients.



Fresh, young & dynamic but with rich experience SEOptix offers you a unique value proposition & helps your company to reach the very top of the SEO food chain. Join us & take a closer look at some of the most important events & milestones that our digital marketing agency has successfully achieved.


August, 2016

SEOptix Search Marketing Agency launches new website.

May, 2016

CEO & Founder Daniel T. gathers a small team of developers that focus on mobile-friendly web design & local SEO, helping several clients to successfully market their local business & significantly increase their annual sales turnover.  


February, 2016

Strategic regional headquarters established in Hong Kong.



September, 2015

Our search engine optimized web design & e-commerce services empower several leading B2B online wholesale shops to deliver high-impact result and more than 230% increase in organic visitors.


February, 2015

The initiating idea of SEOptix next-generation search optimized web design conceived by founding members with more than 20 years of industry knowledge. First web design & SEO services provided to several B2B e-commerce shops in Hong Kong.