Google Analytics: 3 Easy Ways To Measure Your SEO Success

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How to measure & prove the success of your SEO efforts? Let’s show you three easy ways to use Google Analytics so that you can better understand the impact of your SEO. Learn some really easy & simple ways to use Google Analytics to quickly measure the difference that your SEO services make for your site.

So you’ve setup your Google Analytics tracking. Your website has been up for a few months already and you are now starting to collect your first data. This is the first time that you use Google Analytics? You might be overwhelmed by all the nice looking graphs, the number and all the options to segment and review your collected visitors stats that you’ll be presented with.

How to transform the collected data into valuable insights to help you improve your web site? What to do to gain more visitors and better CTR? What is the best way to measure success and effectiveness of the professional SEO services that you use?

Use Google Analytics to obtain more insights on your target audience

You’ll certainly be able to understand your target audience much better when you now what metrics to look for with Google Analytics. Benefit from our experience. Join us at and take a closer look at some easy things you can do to measure your SEO efforts.

You are considering SEOptix as your SEO web site designer or SEO service provider? you need to know that we at SEOptix take great pride in delivering highly useful analytics reports to our customers.

And if you know what to look for, very often less is really more.

Instead of producing fancy reports that are complicated to read, SEOptix delivers analytics reports that are easy to understand. We put a strong focus on the most important things that are easily actionable and will lead to max impact and improvement. Sometimes small changes can lead to great results!

Go beyond keyword rankings – alternative measurement metrics

For many years, internet marketers & SEO experts have focused their research an analysis around keywords and keyword rankings. While keywords do remain an important factor for SEO in general, it’s clear to most digital marketing professionals that Google has already shifted focus away from being purely keyword oriented and to generally value (and rank!) high-quality content.

Some of the good old SEO methods used many years ago, such as measuring keyword density and trying to find a sweet-spot for stuffing content with strategic keywords while trying to avoid “keyword stuffing penalties” might still work. It’s just that they don’t work that well on their own anymore.

Unique & compelling high quality content is even more King than ever before.

Unique quality content is even more King than before.

Google has become a lot smarter when it comes to identifying compelling and useful content that delivers true value to visitors.

So while many players in the industry are centered around keyword analysis when it comes to monitoring Google Analytics stats, we also observe that more and more SEO agencies have started to shift focus to monitoring other metrics that are able to better reflect a web site’s overall performance and ranking trends.

Another issue with keyword-based analysis is that in many cases a large amount of visitor stats will show their keyword as “not provided”, meaning that with a traditional keyword-based analysis where more or less all focus in put on several long-tail keywords you’d miss out on some really important data that can help your site to succeed in the highly competitive digital business realm.

So join us in taking a closer look at some highly effective – and easy! – ways that enables you to measure the success of your site’s SEO campaign:

1.) General Growth Rates of Your Organic Traffic

Now let’s start with something really easy, but highly effective:

Your corporate executives & shareholders probably don’t really care too much about keywords and SERP rankings, and many of your high-ranking managers may only have a vague knowledge of SEO.

You will be able to impress your management with two important factors though – your overall site traffic and the resulting conversions.

Now this is really basic stuff. Show your management how you’ve helped grow organic search traffic by 230% during the last year and they’ll certainly not focus too much on long-tail keywords anymore.

And doing this is easy:

Simply use the date comparison tool within Google Analytics, on the upper right part and just underneath the date overview.

You can either compare date ranges, such as the two previous years or if you have configured goals in GA you can also easily compare the amount of goals that where reached during this time. By doing this, you’ll be able to prove that your SEO services are effectively helping to increase your organizations growth & profit.

Your management is often rewarded based on organizational growth and profit. Because of this. chances are that you’ll become really popular with them once you can prove that your SEO efforts actually helps increase growth.

2.) Landing Pages as Primary Dimension – tap into the resource of your “not provided keywords”

It is easy to review and monitor the most important keywords that lead prospect customers to your site. But what about that large number of visitors that come in via those dreaded “not provided” keywords?

Google Analytics SEO Unprovided Keyword

Usually, a substantial amount of your visitors will show up as coming to your site via a “not provided” keyword. In most cases there’s a lot of desolated data hiding behind these “not provided” keywords. And it’s also really easy for you to tap into this resource and gain more insights. You’ll get a good impression of what drove your visitors to come by.

Now how to do this? The answer is one simple click away:

Simply set the primary dimension to “Landing Page” in your organic keywords report! You’ll get a good overview of what pages are driving the most traffic.

Google Analytics SEO Landing Page Primary Dimension

Very often you’ll also instinctively know what keywords are featured in each specific landing page. And even more important:

Monitor your content pages instead of single keywords! This will give you a much better overview of what of your content that is really working well.

Focus on content that works well instead of only your keyword ranking

As mentioned earlier, high-quality content is King. Successful SEO agencies have shifted their attention from simple keyword-based analytics to concentrate more on compelling quality content. By providing useful information to visitors and human, you can be sure that the Google bot will follow as well.

Because this is also just what the Google spiders are trying to figure out!

Once you know what part of your content is working best and attracts most visitors, you focus on creating content that is similar or better. By improving what is currently working on your site & attracts visitors, you can help ensure your future success.

3.) Google Trends – Understand Keyword Popularity & Development Trends

You want to gain more insights into the performance of individual keywords over time? You need Google Trends – a tool that is also used extensively by many SEOs.

It’s easy to use! You can check popularity and development trends of single keywords during the past years. Google Trends also allows you to compare the relative search volume for two similar keywords. You will get valuable information on how to ensure that your on-site SEO target keywords are truly the most effective.

Focus on what content really works well on your website! This will help your organization to benefit from increased growth and profits. And in return you see that very quickly your marketing department will prosper as well.

With more than 10 years of experience with e-commerce and digital marketing, search engine optimization as well as web based Free Open Source Software applications, LAMP servers, systems security & web development, the author Daniel T. is leading the technical team at SEOptix and helps us ensure that customers benefit from state-of-the-art full service digital solutions with an amazing ROI.

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